Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I chose this quilt to show you this month because I think the purple ghost faces are kind of humorously scary and the bowl is flowing with the abundance of Fall.  "Bowl" is part of a series of six art quilts I began in 1987 and finished in 1988, each one an image of a container.  This particular vessel, with whimsical animal energy radiating out from the center and becoming little dots and dashes of acrylic paint, expresses the exuberance of the season.  I added the purple splotch spirits with mouths and eyes to move toward the viewer in a friendly way.  I recently quilted this piece on my longarm machine which added a whole new texture and dimension to it.
(See below for detail) 
Machine appliqué fabric, Longarm Machine quilted, thread, acrylic paint

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Detail below:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter Tree Quilt

Fabric, thread, digital print on fabric, longarm machine quilted
I’ve been fascinated with trees for a long time; since childhood. I especially love the form and shape of trees. In the center of this quilt I’ve included a digital image printed on fabric of my 1993 work, “Pregnant Winter Tree.” For the border I used a batik that I bought from Fabmo, a non profit organization that facilitates the recycling of designer fabric.  The Indigo piece across the bottom is a piece I dyed in the early 90”s. This quilt looks wonderful on the wall, and can also be used on a bed.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Heart

The creative process is a part of everything in life.  My thinking is what creates what will happen in my life.  I get an idea and a desire for something and I act on it  setting the process in motion.  If the idea comes from my heart, then the result is something wonderful.  The images in this quilt are all from my heart—flowers, birds, clouds, hearts, the kimono shape.  The hands of the quilting pattern sign “I Love You”.  The paint writing covering the entire surface of the piece are the repetitive affirmation of “ONE” for one people, one life. The materials and techniques are fabric, thread, paint, machine appliqué, machine quilting, painted fabric, paint writing.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Affirmation Quilt

My goal here was to collect the “missing pieces” of a project, putting them all back together and making something good; completing and making it whole.  This is what I have done in this piece.  I made the decision to put them together in a new way—to go back and look through aspects of the project which may have been discarded for one reason or another and to reinvent them.  This quilt is comprised of rejected remnants of my own and students’ work PLUS the idea of using a kimono shape—something I have been inspired to do by other quilt artists and the beautiful Japanese kimonos I have seen. It is a way of acknowledging my inspiration. The writing on the piece is an affirmation of new life. I affirm the transformation of the old into something new and fresh.