Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Live Now

Live Now
There are so many things to do, sometimes it seems the list is endless. But what is the most compelling thing right now at this moment? If I were to choose what that would be, how could I take the first step? What an exciting feeling it is to actually be on the perfect path that's just right for me! This puts me right into the present moment where I feel relaxed and well. I'm enjoying my life and living in the now!
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Pile of Abundance Quilts
Here is my pile of Abundance Quilts, all done! I'm still working on photographing them; I'm about halfway through. The next step will be to put them on my website with a PayPal button for each artwork. Yesterday, Larry (my significant other) and I returned from a few days in the Sierras. There, in the quiet of our little mountain house, I wrote about each quilt and it's meaning. I'll be typing those and adding them to the description on the site. I'm aiming for the end of August to finish this project.  In the meantime, I enjoy having this pile of inspiration to ponder. I hope you like it, too!