"Elf Quilt is part of a series of Quilted Portraits I've been doing for a few years now. I've been teaching this process to many groups in my studio and to quilt guilds all over the country, which I continue to do because it's such a fun process to play with. I love to see the experiences of happiness and satisfaction of students when they discover the faces and patterns emerging on their quilt tops as they arrange the shapes of fabric, embellish with various colors of thread and add buttons for eyes. Many, who otherwise have lots of UFOs, say that they will finish this project! One nice aspect of this work is that, even though you can make all sorts of faces, you can also design any shape you want into your quilt, including flowers and houses, cats, dogs and abstract modern designs! 
Japanese Flowers

I love to teach my Quilted Portraits (Sometimes called Puzzle Interchange Technique) workshop, especially to quilt guilds. Please pass the word on to anyone you think might be interested. Also, I love to share the process with you in my convenient online class at www.craftartedu.com.

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