A New Frida

 I made the "Frida" Quilt a few years ago and it was one of my favorites. Then it went to a collector; the same with my Embellished Portrait," so I used both images in this new quilt by having them printed at Spoonflower.com. Also, I've been developing my longarm quilting skills and want to do that as much as possible so I'm using solid colors in large areas so that the stitching will show up more. Recently, I was reading a book about Modern Quilts and was inspired to incorporate a courthouse step design into this quilt. (see below)

"Frida" (with a smile)
"Embellished Portrait" 

A combination of the Frida quilt and Embellished Portriat after printing on fabric via Spoonflower.com  and pieced together.
Piecing the quilt top together so far!

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