"Bridge," 78"x58" fabric, thread, machine pieced, machine appliqued and machine quilted, 2016

I took a really great class from Rosalie Dace at Art Quilt Tahoe this earlier this month. I felt very inspired and supported in my artwork. I had been stuck in a certain aspect of it for a very long time, but finally gave myself permission to become unstuck! Sometimes what it takes is a supportive atmosphere without the distractions of everyday life. All of the wisdom of our teacher, plus discussion of the group, changes and expands the creative awareness of each of us! 
Now I'm back home, reconnecting with family, folding fabric and  putting it away, finishing quilts for longarm clients. And, I have this quilt on my design wall, and it's a constant reminder of why I keep going as an artist with something to say. It's a reminder of my voice that is constantly showing me the way to greater expression and more connection with Spirit and to others of like mind.

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